Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is ADR?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a general term encompassing various techniques for resolving conflict using a neutral third party without having to undertake litigation through the Courts. 

Why is ADR good for business?

Disputes relating to business agreements can be protracted and difficult to resolve easily. The costs and time involved in court litigation can be unpredictable and may often outweigh the values in dispute. ADR offers alternative mechanisms that can be controlled by the parties and can often be more time and cost efficient than litigation.

ADR involves industry or technical experts with in-depth knowledge of the commercial area in dispute.

ADR ensures privacy and confidentiality, and offers parties an opportunity to reduce the risk of an adverse decision by allowing parties a degree of control over the process and its outcome. This can be of great importance to companies who wish to maintain a commercial relationship while resolving their dispute. 

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